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These Jack Russell Terrier puppy pictures were taken when I was raising a litter of 10 Jack Russell puppies earlier in 2009. All of them were little characters. They were great fun but they also caused me a lot of stress. The last 7 came out via a cesarian operation, and all 10 had to be hand-fed for the first week.

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There's nothing quite like being buried in a pile of 10 JRT puppies. They were very affectionate and loved to climb all over anyone who went in with them. They loved people as much as they loved play-fighting with each other and some learned fairly quickly that there's a difference between playing with humans and playing with other dogs. Others were a bit slow and were constantly hanging onto the back of someone's jeans by their teeth.

Some of my favourite Jack Russell puppy pictures are photos of my own dogs. Maybe one of these will become your favourite Jack Russell puppy picture too.

Week-old Jack Russell puppies sleeping
Newborn Jack Russell puppies

White Jack Russell Puppies

Jack Russell Puppies

Jack Russell Puppies playing on grass

Jack Russell Puppies playing

Cute Jack Russell puppy

Jack Russell puppies in box

Jack Russell puppies in box

Jack Russell puppies3

Jack Russell puppies4

Jack Russell puppies5

Jack Russell puppies asleep

Jack Russell puppies in puppy pen

Jack Russell puppies sleeping

Jack Russell Terrier puppies running

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