Teaching Your Jack Russell Terrier Recall Command

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Teaching the Jack Russell Terrier recall command is an essential part of your dog’s training, but how exactly is this done and what should be avoided?

Teaching the JRT Recall Command

Most dog owners have been there – you let your dog off the leash and off it runs, straight towards something it considers to be far more interesting than you! With everyone watching, you shout and scream for him to come back, but to no avail – the only way to remedy the situation is to now spend hours chasing him until he tires himself out. While this situation is not unique to Jack Russell Terrier owners, it is a situation that is more serious. This is because the Jack Russell is a hunting dog and, as such, will instinctively chase anything – meaning a much greater chance of it running off than other dogs have.

The Jack Russell Terrier recall command can be something that can take a while to teach, but with a few pointers it really isn’t difficult. Anyway, going through the whole process, however frustrating, is going to be one of the best things that you can do for the relationship between you and your dog, so keep on persevering and don’t give up!

The first stage of teaching the JRT recall command always takes place indoors, so as to ensure that there are no distractions and also to make sure that the dog can’t run off! The initial step is very simply, as all that you need to do is call his name and then – if he comes to you – reward him with a treat. One thing to remember when teaching the Jack Russell Terrier recall command is to never scold your dog if he takes ages to come back – what message does this send to the dog? He’ll never want to come back if you tell him off when he eventually does!

The next step involves swapping his name for the Jack Russell Terrier recall command that you plan on using. Once he starts regularly responding to this, take him out on a long lead and start training him to respond when there are some external distractions around. Don’t let him off his lead yet though – not only will this not probably work, but it will also lead to the undoing of lots of hard work!

The final step when your dog has learnt to consistently obey the JRT recall command while on the leash is to take the biggest step of all – letting him off the leash in a public place! Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t instantly respond to your calls, as he will be faced with a huge amount of distractions, but when he does always make sure that he is given plenty of love and a treat as well!

Jack Russell Terriers are adventurous and inquisitive dogs, so they won’t be able to be trained for recall as well as other dogs. However, the steps outlined above will provide the best results that you can possibly get for your Jack Russell Terrier.

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