Jack Russell Terrier Rescue -
Is It Right For You?

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Jack Russell Terrier rescue is a noble path to take when getting a new JRT. It can be tempting to want to raise a cute new puppy, but remember, there are many dogs that will end up being put down if they don't find a new home. But, there are a few things you need to consider if you are thinking about this option.

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Should You Adopt a Jack Russell?

  1. Are you able to give the dog the attention and time a JRT needs? An abandoned or mistreated JRT may end up needing more TLC than usual.
  2. Is your lifestyle and home environment set up in a way that will allow you to give a good life to the dog? JRTs often end up as strays because their previous owners could not handle the JRT personality to begin with.
  3. You should be careful to figure out any given dog's psychology and possible health or behavioral problems before you adopt. How much time and patience do you have to retrain a dog with bad behaviors? It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks - it just takes more time.
  4. Do you have intentions of breeding? If so, dog adoption is probably not right for you. Rescue dogs are generally neutered.
  5. How much do you care about the breed qualities of the dog? Many strays may not measure up to "real" Jack Russell breed standards.

More Information

My free Jack Russell training e-course, The Top Ten Jack Russell Training Mistakes, is available for anyone who has adopted or is thinking about adopting a Jack Russell.

Other Sources for Adopting Jack Russells

Not all dogs that need new homes are strays. If you really want to adopt a Jack Russell, also consider contacting JRT breeders who may have older dogs they want to get rid of. Jack Russell rescue centers can be found through your local JRT Club or rescue websites.   Here are some organizations that rehome Jack Russell Terrier Rescues





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