Jack Russell Terrier Size

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Why is Jack Russell Terrier Size Important?

For most owners, their JRT's size is unimportant. Whether their dog is slightly disproportioned or doesn’t meet regulations laid down by the governing bodies makes no difference – their dog is their dog and they love it regardless of how it looks.

For those that want to show their dog though, their JRT size is vital, as there are a number of different guidelines laid down by the various world governing bodies regarding what the perfect Jack Russell Terrier should look like. This obviously means that those in this position need to know the exact size specifications before going out to take a look at a new dog or puppy, so the standard sizes are explained below…

The Dimensions of a Jack Russell Terrier

There are a number of different factors when it comes to the dimensions of a JRT size, meaning that the perfect dog really is a rare find! Not only should the head and the body be perfect, but there are also considerations that need to be made regarding the forequarters and hindquarters, as well as the tail and even the feet! The easiest way to explain the different specifications of a JRT size is to simply go through them one by one, which is what occurs below.

The most obvious place to start is the head, as this will be the part of your Jack Russell Terrier that the judges will look at first. The perfect JRT size when it comes to the head is defined as being of moderate width between the ears, with the head narrowing until the eyes. It should also not be too rounded between the ears, therefore giving the dog a slightly flat look on the top of the head.

The jaw should look powerful and therefore reflect the history that this dog has in hunting. The teeth should also be straight and exhibit a “scissor bite”. The eyes should be almond shaped and bright, while the ears should be properly proportioned and retain a distinct “V” shape.

Moving on to the body, the perfect JRTsize should have a tough and sturdy stance and they should usually weight approximately 14-18 pounds – obviously assuming that the dog is the perfect dimensions, which will be about 10-15 inches between to the withers. This means that any Jack Russell should be well proportioned and therefore look compact, just as a perfect hunting dog would have done many years ago. The chest size should also not be too large, due to the fact that the Jack Russell Terrier was used to go down fox holes and therefore a large chest would prevent this from occurring.

The forequarters and hindquarters of the perfect Jack Russell Terrier should both be muscular and straight, with the hindquarters needing to be particularly muscular. They should also be straight and present a balanced image from whatever direction the dog is viewed from. The feet should also point forward and should not splay out to the side or point in

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