The Origins of the Jack Russell Terrier Trump

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The Special Jack Russell Terrier TrumpThe origins of the species all hail back to the Jack Russell Terrier Trump, but who was this dog and how has the breed since progressed? When it comes to the Trump, the first thing to realize is this dog was not in fact a JRT! Instead, she was the basis for the breeding program established by the creator of the Jack Russell Terrier, a man by the name of Reverend John Russell, from England. She was bought by the Reverend in 1795 as she was seen as the perfect example of a hunting dog and therefore perfect to use to develop a new type of terrier – a terrier with stamina, courage and less aggression than hunting dogs traditionally were 200years ago.

Over the years, Reverend John “Jack” Russell bred his not quite JRT with various other breeds, much in the same way that modern dog breeders do to create new breeds. The result of this breeding was the creation of a dog – the Jack Russell Terrier – which became hugely respected by hunters, especially those who enjoyed fox hunting in the wild British countryside.

After the death of Reverend John Russell, the dogs that he hadoriginated were taken on by various other hunting enthusiasts andtherefore the legacy continued. This means then that the originator of the Jack Russell Terrier Trump will forever be remembered by Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts throughout the world for many more years.

The Development of the Jack Russell Terrier

The original use for the JRT Trump had helped tocreate – i.e. hunting – was maintained for over one hundred years, with hunting remaining a popular sport not just in England, but throughout the world. When the Second World War arrived though, the need for hunting dogs greatly diminished and therefore the number of Jack Russell Terriers seen decreased by a huge amount and the remaining ones were often used for cross breeding, in the hope of creating a new type of family dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier was cross bred with a number of different breeds in the following years, such as the Chihuahua, the Fox Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The result of this was that a number of new cross breeds were created, each exhibiting some of the characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier. Luckily though, purebred Jack Russell Terriers did remain and saw an increase in popularity during the middle of last century.

Only recently though have purebred Jack Russell Terriers been seen as a recognized breed in many countries, although there is still considerable confusion – even among experts – when it comes to the guidelines constituting what makes a Parson Russell Terrier, a Russell Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier. The breeds are just so similar that often it is impossible to tell them apart! One thing is for sure though – all of these breeds owe their existence to the JRT Trump…

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