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Jack Russell Terrier

by Wanda
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

We had two jack russell terrier short legged black eared female and one long legged brown markings female. The dark one had cushings disease, pancreatitis and was diabetic and succumbed to her diseases a month ago at 7 years old. Will my other jack russell have the same diseases and will she miss her sister?

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack sisters
by: Emily

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about your Jack, it's so hard to lose a family member.
We had two Jack sisters and when one died the other one was sad/depressed for a bit. When we took her to my Mom's house she picked up the other Jack's scent and got really excited because she thought she might be there which made me really sad. So dogs do understand about dying or at least know/miss when the other is gone. Just because they were related doesn't mean the other will get the same diseases but it can't hurt to keep your eye on it so you can catch it early if you see any issues.

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