Buying Jack Russell Terriers From Europe

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Buying Jack Russell Terriers from Europe can be a great way to ensure you get the best in breed, but there are some rules and regulations that must be adhered to.

Why JRTs from Europe are the Best

Although originally from Europe, the Jack Russell Terrier has spread throughout the world, with breeders now existing on every single continent of the planet. There is no doubting though that the best dogs of this breed are still the Jack Russell Terriers from Europe, especially the ones that are bred in either the United Kingdom or in Ireland. The dogs from this part of the world are known to be the best examples of how a traditional Jack Russell should not only look, but also behave – therefore meaning that anyone looking to purchase a Jack Russell Terrier should seriously consider getting one imported fromthe various Jack Russell Terrier breeders in Europe.

Legal Regulations

There are a number of different rules and regulations when it comes to importing Jack Russell Terriers from Europe into the United States though. Despite this, it is still the easiest place to get imports from though, as will be explained in the next few paragraphs. One thing to realize before going on though is that buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Europe will be a costly experience – the cost of living is higher in most Western European countries so therefore the pricesof everything are that much higher than in the United States.

The first consideration when buying JRTs from Europe is that of rabies – something that US Customs and Border Protection are extremely vigilant over. This presents no problem when buying dogs from the United Kingdom or from Ireland, as these countries are registered as rabies free, but when buying from other European countries there are some procedures to follow. Any animal coming from Europe (except GB or EIRE) should be accompanied with a valid rabies vaccination certificate - a certificate that must be written. JRTs from Europe be under the age of 3 months, they can be admitted without the certificate, but they must be vaccinated whenthey reach this age and kept confined until then.

The other consideration that the Customs and Border Protection make when admitting a dog into the United Stated is regarding screwworm, which is a problem with many imported dogs. Luckily Europe is not seen as an area of the world with this problem, so there is no need to be concerned regarding this – which is another reason to buy Jack Russell Terriers from Europe.

The final point to consider is more of a general one regarding health and is one that most people have in the foremost part of their mind. This is – is the dog healthy overall and free from any disease. This will be checked when the dog arrives in the US by the Customs and Border Protection, so it is important to ensure that the dog is 100% healthy before arriving. The best way to do this is to go out to the breeder and inspect the dog first – never simply order one and get it shipped over.

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