Free Jack Russell Training Course - Better Behavior in 7 Days

This free 7 day Jack Russell training course is the first step towards creating better behavior in your dog. Every 2 days for the next two weeks you will receive an email with a new lesson, including action steps to take that will have immediate effects on your dog's behavior.

This free Jack Russell information in this course includes:

    The number one thing you need to know before you attempt to train a Jack Russell

  • Practical tips for using your daily routine to make training simpler
  • A basic obedience lesson including two of the most useful commands you will ever teach your dog
  • Solutions for dealing with and eliminating common Jack Russell problem behaviors
  • Why it's so important to experiment with different treats and toys to increase your dog's motivation and improve the results you get for the time you put into training
  • How to break your dependence on treats, and a technique that will make your dog more motivated to behave even when you offer less treats
  • Teaching your dog a simple trick to show off your new obedience training improvements

So go ahead and take the first step to sorting out your Jakc Russell training problems. Enter your details below to sign up for the course.

The Jack Russell Lover's
7 Day Crash Course To Better Behavior

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