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Jack Russell tries to bite postman

by Andrew

My JRT is 20 months old and has recently started getting very aggressive when people come to the front door. She jumps up at the window barking and gives a very distinctive angry growl that seems to be reserved for these moments. If the door is ajar bcause the visitor needs to hand over a parcel or have documents signed, she wil try to get outside to bite them and get very angry with anyone who tries to restrain her. What's the reason for this and how dow e stop it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Nov 18, 2011
Jack Russell aggressive at front door
by: Thomas

We had a similar issue with our Jack. First, I would limit access to the window - cover it so your Jack can't see out.
Then about the front door - if your Jack is good at following commands such as sit and stay you can work on desensitizing him to the front door. Find a spot near the door but a few feet away and train your Jack using treats to come to that spot and sit and stay. You will have to work on it awhile and gradually build up to having someone ring the bell. It helps to keep treats by the front door.
If you just don't see that happening for your Jack, you can make the decision that when the bell rings you can quickly put your Jack in his crate or other room before answering the door. That way no one gets hurt (have treats with you so that you can easily get your Jack to go with you - and gradually he will go more willingly each time - be consistent).

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