Jack Russell very jealous

My Jack Russell is almost 8 years old. Recently my boyfriend move in with me (about 6 months ago) and my little pup is over the top jealous. He doesn't bite my boyfriend but if there is any affection going on, he bites me or goes insane and rips up my clothes or shoes or whatever he can find. I don't know what to do! Help.

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Feb 20, 2014
JRT jealous of new boyfriend NEW
by: Rebecca

Dogs become jealous when they fear their place in the "family pack" or in your heart is being threatened. A new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new pet, or a new baby can make him fear his role. Jealousy can lead to annoying and even destructive behaviors like you have seen. If your pooch is jealous of a person (other than a baby) with whom you are spending a lot of time, encourage that person to get to know your dog and do fun things with him. You and your boyfriend can play a game of fetch with your dog, or take a walk together and have your boyfriend dole out the treats. Be sure your dog feels included and not replaced. In any situation that might make a dog jealous, watch for appropriate, desirable behavior and reward it when it happens. If your Jack sniffs your boyfriend in greeting, have the treats ready, if he waits while you give him a hug, have your boyfriend give him a treat and some positive reinforcement - a pat, or a "good boy".

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