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Jack Russell will not play ball.

by Pat
(Blandford Dorset England)

My 2 Year old female JR will not play with toys, she did as a puppy. When we take her out on the fields if we throw a ball and say 'fetch' she just looks at us as if to say `Fetch it yourself` I've tried giving her treats on the odd occasion when she brings a toy (she likes to tug) I would like her to fetch a ball because on some occasions there are no other dogs around and she needs to run (my husband and myself are in our 70's so don't do a lot of running). She just loves to run with Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles etc. which is OK but sometimes there aren't any around. (We can onlt do walks of up to 3 miles)Tillie is very well behaved (except when she spots a cat) Brilliant with children and only aggressive when she sees a cat.

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack will not play fetch
by: Frank

Tillie sounds like such a sweetie. Unfortunately not all dogs like to play fetch. First thing is to try a variety of balls (frisbee, soft ball, hard ball,kong,) since dogs can be particular about what they want to play with. Since Tillie likes to play tug-of-war, teach her to go get a fetch toy so that you can play tug with it. Start by playing a short game of tug with a soft toy that your dog likes to tug on. Then take the toy from her mouth, tease her a bit by wiggling it on the ground, and toss it just a few inches away. If she runs to the toy, immediately snatch it up and start another fun game of tug. If she just stands there and looks at the toy you’ve thrown, reach out and wiggle it around on the floor again until he finds it irresistible. As soon as she goes for it, toss it another few inches away. Continue doing this until your dog chases after the toy. When he does, you can reward her with another quick tug game. Soon she’ll reliably chase the toy when you toss it, and you can start throwing it greater distances. Encourage her to come back to you by reaching for the toy in her mouth and tugging on it. When she gets the idea that bringing the toy back to you leads to a tugging battle, she’ll be eager to run and fetch the toy. Once you start throwing it a few feet, it’s helpful to turn and run away as your dog comes toward you with the toy. This will encourage her to run faster and chase you. When she catches up to you, play tug with the toy. Eventually, you won’t have to play tug every single time your dog fetches the toy, but be sure to do so intermittently to keep her eager to play.

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