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Jack Russell won’t come back

My 12 month old jack russell has always come back when he has been off the lead. But recently when off the lead he won’t come back. I’ve tired all sorts but he just runs off when I call him back

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Jun 18, 2020
Come back
by: Peter

I found that jack Russell's are little escape artist.
When he escapes or off his lead all i have to do is start the car open the door an he comes running an jumps in.
That is how we got him in the first place.
He jumped in our car an wouldnt leave, lol

May 28, 2020
Jack Russell Terrier Won't Return to Me When Off of His Leash
by: Anonymous

Before you let your Jack Russell Terrier off of his leash, you need to make sure he consistently will return to you when called. It sounds like you need to take a step back and retrain him to come every time you call him...first from close distance, then from further distances. And then also train him to come without any distractions, and when there are multiple distractions. Use a consistent phrase with him like "come" and give him a reward each time he responds appropriately. Only when he is consistently able to return to you with these varying circumstances, should you test him off of the leash. A good place to practice these skills is at a fenced dog park. You can use a very long leash to practice the distance part. Always remain calm, use praise and rewards, and never chase your dog. Sometimes, turning your back on your dog, will prompt him to return to you

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