Jack Russells and Prey Drive

Hi. I was wondering everyone's opinion on letting my jack russell chase the squirrels. I always walk her in the park and I've been teaching her to slowly crawl and sit right before she wants to chase a squirrel because I didn't want her to keep pulling the leash every time she saw something she wants to chase. I'm trying to at least manipulate her instincts so that I can if I do not want to her to chase something I can tell her to ignore it. She is learning because I tell her to ignore the geese which she use to chase but now just walks right by. Some people are okay with it at the park, but someone came up to me asking if I was teaching her to kill the squirrels, which i'm not really sure why she was even trying to talk to me since she was the one with the bag of peanuts domesticating those squirrels. I just want to know....is it such a bad thing that I let my jack russell chase squirrels?

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Aug 06, 2012
Jack Russell chasing squirrels
by: William

I don't see any harm in your Jack chasing squirrels. It's pretty instinctual for them to do that. As long as your Jack still follows your command to stop/come when called and doesn't run out of the dog park chasing one or scare any young children then I see no harm. I can't believe somebody came up to you- especially someone who was trying to feed the squirrels....some people just don't get it!

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