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Jack Russells Have ADHD!

by Jenne Tomlinson
(11 Hayden Way)

I always think that Jack
Russells have ADHD my name is Jenne Tomlinson I love doing books on Jack Russells I wrote Jack Russells In The House!I hope all you people have a great time with your ADHD Jack Russells I have three of them so they have really bad ADHD so wish me luck!I'am 9 years old my mom let me do this!I go to SAINT JOHN THE BELOVED SCHOOL it is a great school I will never forget my teachers I had they were great I hope you teachers out there are seeing this story I'am in thrid grade my homeroom teacher is Mrs.Hardwick she was my best teacher ever.My second Best teacher was Mrs.Givney she was my math teacher she is good at math she taught me the times table.My thrid best teacher was Mrs.Fausnaugh she taught us spelling,reading and enish I can not spell that word but you know what is next in line.My forth best teacher is Mrs.Purzycki she was the helper in our classroom for next year she is going to the music teacher that is going to be cool.And that is all my favorate teachers.


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Oct 25, 2011
Jack Russell lover
by: Tanya

Sounds like you have an an active group of Jack Russells! Hope they are behaving for you :-)

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