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Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix

by Lydia
(Fullerton, CA)


I've had my puppy for about a month & half now. He's almost 4 months old. I'm having a really difficult time getting him to stop biting. I'm not sure if he's playing or if he's being aggressive. He follows my son & I around & enjoys biting our feet, pants, hands, whatever he can get to. What can I do better to get him to stop this behavior? He also tries to jump on & bite anyone that comes in the house.



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Apr 21, 2011
get a chew toy
by: Anonymous

hes just teething its what all puppys do trust me my chocolate lab puppy mad my brother bleed they are just tetthing they dont mean it just take your dog to the pet store help him find a chew toy he likes and wont get tired of and there you go. but you might want to get more than one type of chew toy so if gets tired of the others it always has something to chew. he will eventually grow out of it

Jan 10, 2011
biting puppy
by: Anonymous

I have a 16 year old JRT, Ralph, and I want to assure you that they do grow out of it - but you need to be super firm with them too. Ralph used to chase us down the hall when the phone rang nipping our heels and backside. He would try and pull my daughters socks off in a tug of war while she was getting dressed. Even now, very occasionally, he will get so excitied about dinner that he will jump up and give me a quick nip on the bottom. It is not aggression, just youthful enthusiasm. For us this lasted about 4 years (Jacks seem to live long, but grow up slowly). We taught him the word "gentle", holding a forefinger out at the same time. He learnt very quickly that this meant NO biting, or grabbing food from you hand or any type of pushy behaviour. They are such smart dogs and delightful companions - so perservere. Also, too much roughhouse play gets them overexcited and encourages the nipping etc, so calming and more gentle play is better with this breed.

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