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Jack-A-Bee: Come Command

by Jaime

Hello all,
My husband and I rescued what was labeled a Beagle Mix, but is actually a Jack-A-Bee. Lucy was very calm and passive when we first adopted her, but it took only a few days of love for her JRT traits to come out. She is as loving and smart as we could have ever hoped for, but there are some down sides, especially since we rescued her very late in her puppy stage (1 year).

The JRT stubbornness is ever apparent, and try as she might to take her focus away from whatever that Beagle nose smells and pay attention to our commands, she struggles. With minimal distractions or a food reward, Lucy will do any range of tricks/commands. In the open dog park she acknowledges the Come Command or the long distance whistle. However, she doesn't always come. Many times, she will either look straight at us and simply stay put or look up and then continue on her way. Also, she can be submissive to other dogs and is VERY submissive to us (she knows she's not Alpha).

It doesn't seem to matter if she's far or near, and we always keep treats around so Lucy is very aware of the reward for Coming. Does anyone have any suggestions? Enticing tricks for training?

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Feb 25, 2011
by: Jen

The "come!" command is NEVER an option. It IS a command. NEVER EVER tell your dog to come unless you intend on walking across your yard to get her and force her to come. Do not....and I stress DO NOT carry the dog to you. March out there with her leash, put it on her and force her to walk beside you as you say COME! I once heard it said, no one should own a jack unless you have the tenacity to throw the couch off the dog when he runs under it to retreive him. Jacks are for strong pack leaders. A moderat personality shouldnt own one unless you want issues. :)

Oct 25, 2010
Stubborn dogs - teaching the recall
by: Tom

Hi Jaime,

My first suggestion would be to take here to the dog park on a nice, long lead (fifteen feet) and let her run around a bit. Use the lead to encourage her in the right direction when you use the Come command. This will let her know that coming is not optional.

There are some other troubleshooting tips for this command in my ebook, if you need them. :)

- Tom

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