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Jackadoodle is play biting

by Jane Burke

Hi, i have a 14 wks old jackadoodle as well as 2 jackrussells Ella & sally. My jackadoodle Louie is play biting at the minute & a sharp no is not really helping him so is there any advice you can give me ,i'd be very grateful. Yous Sincerely Jane Burke.

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Aug 08, 2011
by: Sue, Staffordshire UK

Hi, when my 2 JRTs were tiny pups & all they wanted to do was chew on something because of their teething as well as playbiting! All I did was a short sharp scream followed by a firm NO or the word 'leave'. I found the word leave covers lots of things that you may want to stop them doing as they get older!! Good luck, it worked for me! Sue

Jul 08, 2011
Jack Russell play biting
by: Anonymous

Jack Russell's love to play and can get easily excited. Make sure you are staying away from over stimulating games like tug of war or wrestling. Have you tried redirecting him with another toy? Have one handy to give as you see it coming. If that doesn't work you can try the sharp "no" paired with ignoring him. If that doesn't work, then try some training with him and work on the "off" command. Keep us posted on his progress!

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