Jack's back end problem

Hi I have a 12yr old jack Charlie, he's a lovely

faithful member of our family, I got up this morning
and he can't move his back end, can anyone
help of what it could be , I don't want to be had
by the vets surgery ,as has happened in the past

Many thank
Dixie dean

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Mar 30, 2013
Jack can't move back legs
by: James

Sorry to hear about your little Charlie. Is he able to move his legs after a bit? If so, then it could be arthritis. Your Jack is getting up there in years - it could also be hip displaysia where the back legs are very sore. But it could also be a pinched nerve or a ruptured disc. If you pinch his back legs and he doesn't move them then it could be back trauma. The only other thought I have is that some ticks cause temporary paralysis. But give Charlie's age it could definitely be any of the other things I mentioned. Unfortunately without seeing or knowing the background of Charlie it's hard to tell what it is. The best person is the vet.
Hope Charlie is ok!

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