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Jacks Gone Crazy

by Jenne Tomlinson
(D.E Lewes )

Hey I know i haven't been posting in a longtime but your in for a treat on my three Jacks! Lets begin!


We just got our walls painted and they made scrath marks on it already. Also once my dad died the dogs started to poop everywhere but now we have a gate and we have a dog who jumps really high and gets through the gate! We also got new white couches and they also wipe their mud all over it AHHHHHH! Even we almost have a big lake in pur backyard and the dogs get into it and try to catch frogs. And we have to give them a bath everyday.My moms thinks that they are driving her nuts but I think it is Funny!

Henry: The cute one I really think that he has gained more waight but i have to stop feeding him. I give him trats for the cute face. Also our cat Kevin plays with Henry but it is weird. Instead of The dog caseing the cat caseing it is the cat caseing the dog. Henry now sleeps on my bed but shares it. We have to put a leash on Henry when going outside to go potty because he will just get into the lake. When we were moving to the rental house for our house to be built so we put them into a boearding kennel when Henry came back he was so skinny like Harley .But when we came home with the pups they ate so much.Then after two weeks went bye bye Henry earned his fat back. Henry is 4 years old his birthday is December 4 2008.

Harley: He still growls alot he has grew more and still skinny he is great at playing ball! He has a shock collor on so he doesn't get into the lake. Even he is the one who jumps up over the gate he is also easy to train. But I really think that he just prtends to get the trick. Harley and Henry also fight but they love each other it think Well He is 4 years old and the same birthday as Henry. Thre wasn't much to tell about Harley Sorry.

Eliot: He is 14 years in human years he pee's blood and poops on the floor and pee'ss on our new white rug with blood in it. We take him to the vet all the time. But I think he is in pain so we should put him to sleep what should we do. Even Eliot sleps in my sisters room under her bed

Wll that is all I have to tell I will be posting soon BYE.

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Oct 24, 2013
Jacks gone crazy
by: Gannon

Thanks for the update on your Henry, Harley and Elliot.
That's too bad about your white couches! It's hard to keep any furniture clean with Jacks around. We have the same problem at my house too...although we only have one Jack!

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