My Jack Russell is running back and forth growling and snapping at my face. He seems irritated and has bit me and my mother. Also I have discovered he has worms. Is this maybe what's causing this aggressive behaviour? He has had seizures and this is what he is like after.

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Apr 04, 2017
by: Judi

I have a 13 yo JRT. In 10/15 he had double cataract eye surgery. He isnt completely blind, but his sight isnt 100%, recently it seems he is going deaf as well. About a month ago, he started urinating in the house. He isnt losing his functions, because he is only doing it while we are not home, for the most part. Once, he did it right in front of me. He is still cocking his leg. We took him to the vet, urinate sample was good as well as his blood work. I dont know what to do. Anyone had this problem that can offer some help???? Thank you in advance....Judi

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