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Jadee Our Jack Russell

by Brandi Johnson
(Eureka, CA, USA)

Jadee Posing for the Camara

Jadee Posing for the Camara

My boyfriend and I bought a Jack and we were told that she was 8 weeks when we talked to the lady online, then we got her and she was only 6 weeks but had already been weaned off of the mother, so we waited and when we were finally able to get her started on her first shots. We started to take her outside into my fenced back yard to teach her to use the bathroom. And she absolutely loves it outside, and we were taking pictures and got this perfect picture before she jumped down the stairs. Hope you like it.

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Feb 28, 2010
Thank you!
by: Brandi

Thank you, I think she's adorable, she is kind-of a crazy little puppy. Yeah it was rough having the breeder not tell us the whole truth, but she is so smart, even though she does have that Jack Russell stubborness that we are all familiar with! But she is coming along quite well!

Feb 19, 2010
Very cute JRT
by: Tom

Hi Brandi,

Jadee is very cute. Sounds like you had a few issues with a less-than-honest breeder there, but it's good to see Jadee is in the hands of caring owners. I hope the early training is coming along well and she's not making too much of a mess of your carpet. ;)

Best wishes,

Tom McSherry

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