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I have a 10 month old jack russell bitch who keeps soiling in the house. She knows about doing it outside but keeps doing inside.
Also when we leave her even for 10 mins she will chew anything up (I have lost wicker bins, paper even a table)
I didnt know if it was because we got her from a farm, could this be the reason?
I have another jack russell bitch who is 2 1/5 they get on great (odd scrap but nothing major) she is what I would say house proud she hasnt had an accident she was a puppy.
we had a jack russell before who also was great a house training its just this one.

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell peeing in the house
by: William

I think you need to re do potty training for this little guy. I would put him on a set schedule every few hours as well as increasing his long walk. When you are not there to supervise him/are out of the house, I would put him in a crate with some chew toys. Dogs tend not to pee where they sleep. When he is out of the crate also have some chew toys available and if you catch him chewing on something say "no" and give him a chew toy to bite on. Also, you will need to buy an enzymatic cleaner since dogs tend to pee in spots they have been before and regular cleaners to not totally erase the scent for dogs.

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