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by jeffrey
(fenwick michigan)

i have two jack russells i brought in a pug not to long ago. my female jr got onto several fights with my pug also female. we discovered my pug laying dead one eveing no blood but i could tell my one of my jr had seemed to have clamped down on her throat. is it possible the jr killed my pug? and why?

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Dec 19, 2012
You answered it already.
by: Anonymous

My goodness. You tell us your dogs had fought a lot, yet you did not separate them, and ask if it is possible the JRT killed the pug?
I think you answered that question already.
The dogs had a history of fighting, and they were left alone together to have at each other in wanton ruthless aggression.

You ask, why your JRT would've done it? Because they had a case history of disliking each other and fighting. JRT's perhaps might not think about killing, per say, but more about, winning. They are cunning, they will not quit. But you know that.

My question to you, is why would you bring in such a very different breed, then allow the animals to stay together when they had demonstrated fighting.

I sincerely hope you have learned that you cannot mix certain dogs with other dogs, because they simply do not like each other. If dogs fight, and they are left alone, tragedy can occur.
I hope you will really reconsider before bringing in any other breeds. Watch your JRT, for aggression and a word of warning, never allow a dog that has shown aggression around a childl, not under ANY circumstances.

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