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Hello I have a mixed breed adopted almost 3 year old Jack Russel Maltese poodle. She has all the energy of a Jack Russel and all the poise of a maltese, sleeps indoors, loves being outdoors digging, chasing birds and prefers chicken and rice to all the fancy scientific foods on the market.

Yesterday she sprained her left hind knee whilst playing with another pup. Took her to a Vet who said she needed an op but only if I can confine her for 3 months. She does not yelp when hopping along or when touched she is on anti-inflammitory tabs.

This op is way too expensive and I'm told by the Vet a common ailment in Jack Russels as their leg bones are not straight. He will have to saw a piece off to straighten and put in a pin and some nylon thing. I had a collie once and her body rejected the pin. Please Help. Can I put a Splinter and bandage on to help?

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Jun 26, 2011
Sprained leg
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeanie,
I'm sorry to hear about your JRT, poor little guy. I'm not a doctor or a Vet but.....I would wait to see if the anti inflamatories were doing anything and then have him rechecked. Maybe a second opinion is needed by a different Vet. Surgery is expensive and like your experience with your other dog, not always the best method.

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