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by Jessi
(Devon Uk)

how do you stop a jackapoo puppy constently barking and wanting attention at night? Its 9 weeks old and in a dark cozy crate at night but screams and barks over and over. I don't know whether to quieten it each time but that might make it think I'll come in every time it makes a noise. Or do I leave it to bark so it learns no one comes unless it's quiet. Please can you help, we are all very tired.

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Dec 27, 2011
Puppy barking at night
by: Adam

It's hard for new puppies that have been recently separated from their families. Here are a few things to try: Put a towel/blanket over the crate to shut out any outside environment. Put a piece of your clothing in the crate with your Jack so that he has your scent to comfort him a bit. Also try putting a ticking clock (to mimic the mothers hearbeat) in with him. Some people suggest putting a softly playing tv/radio on to drown out any noises she might hear at night that scare her. Other people suggest to but in a hot water bottle in to remind him of the warmth of his mothers body.

Hope that helps!

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