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by Janet
(Sanford Maine)

I just rescued two one year old Jack Russels. I adore them and want to keep them healthy and SAFE! Our one Jack named Weezie is always digging out of our fenced in yard. I don't mind the digging it's the eascapeing...Help Our other girl Thelma gets so very upset when Weezie escapes she comes to get me and and squeals.

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Jun 15, 2012
Jack Russell digging
by: Helen

Congrats on your two little ones and I just love their names! I have a soft spot for people who rescue dogs since I have my own rescued Jacks.

Unfortunately Jacks are diggers and that is hard to change. There is a couple things you can do- I have looked into myself since my Jacks are diggers.

You can set up a spot in your yard that is solely for digging, kind of like a sandbox and start by burying some bones for him to find.

You can fill the holes and some of the areas around the fence with concrete to discourage digging in that area. Or you can put chicken wire. Or bury the fence deeper.

You can have a high wire lead that you can put your Jack on so that he has freedom of the yard. But then have the lead stop before the fence so that he can't dig/escape.

Hope that helps!

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