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Joanne marsden

by Joanne Marsden
(Warrington, England)

My 16 year old Jack Russell Scooby won't drink water, he returned from the vets after full blood tests, liver and kidney functions all came back clear, he had a saline drip due to dehydration and since he's been home on Friday 16th May he hasn't been drinking, he looks depressed and keeps looking at me as if trying to tell me something is wrong please help?

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Jan 06, 2015
Jack not drinking
by: Elliot

Poor guy, he was probably a little traumatized from being at the vet and being poked and prodded by needles. Sometimes that can make a dog a bit depressed and may even stop them from eating/drinking for a little bit while they settle back down.
For now, you can try moving the water bowl closer to him. Also, you can wet his try food with a bit of water to get some moisture in. If in a day or so he doesn't start drinking, you may want to take him back to the vet. Hope everything is ok!

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