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Joe Collins

Our almost two year old JRT has taken to being obsessed with sniffing then staring endlessly at RODENTS (we think) under the floor of our house. After a while she appears stressed by this but continues unless we distract her i.e. take her away to the garden - she quickly returns to stare at the same spot/s of floor .
Any suggestions as to how we can help with this fixation?

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Jun 23, 2020
JRT obsessed with sniffing rodents
by: julie

Hi Joe,
Terriers do have an innate sense to do this and they are considered one of the top "rat hunting" dog breeds. It's hard to go against nature...when the smells are so alluring to your dog. Have you thought about trying to eradicate the rodent problem at your house? You can try distraction with a toy such as a Kong with a treat hidden within....but I'm wondering if your dog will return to the rat sniffing after she figures out the Kong. Another thought is to keep her out of the area where the rats are congregating...which is no easy feat either.

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