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by joseph
(east sussex)

hi guys, we have a 2 yer old male jack russel called marmite, he is the most wonderfull dog in every way. we decided he needed a friend as he loves other dogs. a friend had a 7 month old jack bitch called lulu who had to be returned as she and the staffy she was living with didn't get on. she was going into care, so we adopted her. since she has arrived she has totally taken over the role as top dog. she constantly barks at the slightest noise. she seems to suffer separation anxiety a lot as she cries when someone leaves the house, even though someone is with her. she pulls very hard on the lead and jumps at other dogs and people as she is barking. when of lead she is fine. she plays very rough with marmite our other dog and it seems to me his personality is starting to be affected. our once confident happy playfull dog seems to be more liking of his bed and seems very quiet. she hasn't had a season yet. if any one could offer some advice id be eternaly gratefull, because I see under all that there is a very loving sweet little girl. thank you all in advance. joseph

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Jul 10, 2013
marmite and lu lu la belle
by: Anonymous

lu lu has now settled down she is 85 per cent there. shes slightly possessive over food and still knocks marmite around a bit but on the whole they are getting on ok, they love each other. remain strong with your new dogs ive found jacks need a very strong leader or they will lead for you. she know im top dog now and her only bad behaviour is if she thinks she can get away with it.and also, try not to get involved with the dogs if you can help it, let them find there own way. only if the situation turns nasty intervene,apart from that leave them be they will figure it out. they are ultra intelligent trust me I know . all the best joseph, lu lu la belle and mr marmite.

Jul 09, 2013
same problem
by: Jemma

Hi, I have the same issue. My oldest dog, Alfie, is a cross between a JRT and Chihuahua so he's pretty small and 4 years old. We've treat him like a baby all these years and thought its time to bring another JRT into our family and that it would be great company for Alfie. The new JRT, Jasper, is 8-9 months old, previous owners arent even 100% sure on this as they got him from a puppyfarm (terrible i know but i couldnt turn him away so that he could just be passed around all the time). The previous owners have 2 older dogs who didnt want to be hassled by Jasper and so he had no toys and stayed in a cage most of the time. When i took him in he went mad - no cage to restrain him, total freedom in the house and all the toys he could dream of. i only got him a week ago and hes started playing with the toys - however hes so dominant and im feel resentful that hes pushing alfie out of the way - literally and emotionally. he squeals and yelps when we're at the front door ready to go for a walk which is a nightmare, barges Alfie out of the way all the time, eats his food and blocks Alfie from coming near me or anything i offer him. Hes even jumped up to bite him when i had Alfie in my arms. I understand this will just be to settle in and jealousy etc but i have no idea what to do. what i thought would be nice for Alfie doesnt seem to be going to plan! i dont want him going into a shell :'(

May 26, 2013
Two Jacks
by: Daniel

Is there anyway you can enroll both dogs in obedience classes? I think that way both can benefit from a confidence boost, socialization and learning new skills. If that doesn't help improve things then I would definitely look into getting a pet based behavioral therapist to help calm things down in your household and especially for the youngest because it sounds like she hasn't had much training yet. What do you think?

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