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JRT barks when I throw its poop away

by Andrew
(New Zealand)

My JRT is now just over 7 months old. I've posted before about his apparent lack of JRT "manicness" and after a change in food and additional toys I am pretty sure he is simply half-cat (on sunny days his favourite spot is in front of the windows that capture a lot of sun and he basks just like a cat).

The issue I have now relates to barking. We have an enclosed section of the yard where he can run around when no-one is home and also where we have trained him to go toilet. I regularly scoop up his poop and throw it into an area of our property that is essentially wild bush (but separated by a fence). He barks when I throw or scoop up his poop, despite knowing exactly what it is (I have shown it to him before throwing it, and he has sniffed it but shown no interest in eating it). When I've been on walks and had to use a bag to pick up his poop, he doesn't bark at all.

Does anyone know why he should get excited by my disposing of his poop like this?

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Feb 18, 2014
JRT barking when poop thrown away
by: Francine

Your Jack sounds delightful. I have a mental image of him sunning himself in a window. Very sweet. You are more than welcome to some of my Jack's manicness :-)
I honestly don't have any idea why your Jack would bark when his poop is thrown. I think you probably have to chalk it up to a "quirk" that this little one has. Maybe he thinks it's a game, like if you were throwing a ball or something and it gets him excited! I guess if it really bothers you, since he doesn't bark when you bag it, you could always bag the poop in the yard versus throwing it over.

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