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JRT licking and annoying our other dog

by LeeAnn

Our 3 yr-old female, spayed JRT has recently started licking the face and mouth of our larger 2 yr old male (neutered) Basenji to the point that it is annoying to the male and seems to be an obsessive-compulsive behavior on the part of the JRT. Anyone have experience with this and how to stop the behavior and why its happening or just let them work it out? It is much worse since the Basenji had an allergic reaction to something a few days ago and has broken out in hives. The JRT has always done this a little bit, but the last few days the licking is out of control.

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Dec 22, 2013
Jack Russell licking
by: Dave

Licking is a form of grooming but it can also be a sign of submission. It sounds like your Jack could use some socialization. Maybe enrolling her or both of them in an obedience class. Working on commands while also getting your Jack around other dogs will be good. This will help with the licking because you can distract your Jack when starting to lick by working on following commands. Also make sure your Jack gets plenty of exercise and has some chew toys like a Kong that you can stuff with peanut butter and biscuits that she can lick and play with (to distract her).

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