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JRT pup trying to be boss?


I have a 7 month old pup bitch and a 4 year old male staffy. Is her constant biting at his legs, ears, face, back etc just play or is she trying to determine who is boss?
He is very good and lets her get on with it most of the time but now she always tries to sit on him, and has been humping him a few times! This is the only time he will tell her off.

We try to encourage play and discourage too much biting but she doesn't seem to listen!

Could she just be frustrated, she has recently been diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia and also a problem with her knees so we are awaiting the appointment with a specialist so she hasn't been getting out of the house as when we try it hurts her too much and she just sits/falls down.

Any tips on ways to get her to give the other dog a break now and then?

Many thanks

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