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JRT puppy is barking all day

Our little puppy will be completing 12 weeks nxt wk and we got him when he was only 8 wks old. Unfortunately me and my husband work full time and we have been living him in the shed (with flap entrance), in his cage since (we put the pen just outside the flap - which i have just removed now). At first, i was going back once a day to check on him or a friend and all the updates we had was that the dog was fine, not crying. Last few days i had the neighbours going mad at our door step saying that the dog has been crying/barking non stop ALL DAY. I have ordered your book together with a anti-barking colar (which hasnt arrived yet) to see what else i can do to avoid disturbing the neighbours. They know he is a puppy and only time to get him settled but is there any tips you could give to us???? The garden is full of toys and i even put the radio outside for him. I am hoping that once he has his last injection - nxt wk - and get into a proper walking routine he will settles down......please help us!!!

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Jul 07, 2011
New JRT puppy
by: Anonymous

Well, he is a new puppy and he has to get adjusted to that, a new home, being away from his mother and new parents. That's a lot for a little guy. While barking is normal for all days, excessive barking usually means they are bored or are experiencing seperation anxiety. Jack Russells need consistent routines, lots of exercise,and mental stimulation. Your Jack is such a baby, he could be scared and unsure of his routine. I would suggest reading the book and starting the basics of training with him. Be patient and consistent and see how that goes. The anti barking collars should be a last resort since excessive barking is usually a sign of other issues and the collar may help stop the barking but if you don't find the route of the behavior other issues may emerge. Also, consider putting him inside while you are training him if he is bothering your neighbors....unhappy neighbors are not easy to live next to!!

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