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JRT Rat Terrier takes off running

by Debbie
(Atlanta, GA)

I got my JRT/Rat Terrier mix at the local shelter, she is approx 2 1/2 yrs old..she has been spayed...her name is Haley. She has been with us for about 3 months biggest problem with her is when she gets loose without the leash she takes off running, can't leave a door open or she will be gone, we have had to chase her quite a ways at times, I have a feeling that is how she wound up at the shelter...How do I stop her from running off or can I?

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Aug 30, 2011
Escape artist
by: Peggy

Sounds like your Jack has given you a run for the money :-) Jacks are notorious for escaping, running and darting. Since you just got your Jack, maybe obedience classes/basic training might be good. It can't hurt for her to learn some of the basics and it could be useful in some situations (like when a door is going to be opened) to have her "sit", "stay", "wait". Not that this is a gaurantee that your Jack won't run! Also, making sure she has plenty....lots and lots and lots of exercise outside so that running away is not as tempting because she is tired out. In the meantime, it sounds like he can't be trusted off leash. One more thing- if your Jack does run off don't punish her when he comes back/you catch up to her. It's a hard rule to follow! But if you do punish her it will give her more reason to run even faster the next time!

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