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JRT short legged owner

I'm having real problems trying to train the puppy. Hes almost 8 weeks old. Was never trained to pee on pee pads. I've been trying day after day trying to keep to the same routine but he just does not get it. He is about 7 lbs. He has been to the vet for all his shots. He loves his food. I put him in a little cat type crate when I first got him.. He was ok but cried constantly yelping. So I got a bigger crate and tried the bigger crate. He hits his bvody against the crate and DOES NOT WANT TO STAY IN I let him sleep on the bed and he'll be fine and then all of a sudden he will just pee. I don't know what to do about the training can you offer any solutions its starting to get cold live in Ma and would like him trained soon. Thanks Debbie

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May 28, 2020
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Having Difficulty with Training
by: Anonymous

Hey, I think you need to lower your expectations for your Jack Russell Terrier's behavior. He is a young puppy and is acting as such. It can take up to a year to house-train a dog and many months of training to get them adjusted to their crate. I think you should read up about training a puppy and adjust your mindset---to recognize that it will take a long time of consistent training and effort on your behalf to transform your JRT puppy into the JRT dog of your dreams.

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