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HI, Our bleoved JRT has started to worry at the base of his tlae and now has a bald spot there. Any idea on why and how to stop him?

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Feb 23, 2012
problem solved
by: Anonymous

Becuase of the spot he was worrying at.. the base of the tail and as far as he could treach on his hindquarters, I suspecrted that dry skin was not the problem. Took him to the vet and asked her to check his anal glands. Yep, they were both pretty blocked and swollen. After that release he stopped worrying the spot. Seems to be an annual problem for our 2 and half year old.

much better now!

Feb 12, 2012
JRT base of tail
by: Sherry

Did you mean that your Jack is biting the base of his tale? I wasn't sure by the spelling in your question. If I am correct then:
It sounds like it could be allergies. I have a dog with severe allergies and he loves to chew his tail. Talk to your vet about special baths and possibly giving him a benedryl to cut down on some of the itching. If the itching continues to the vet and they might prescribe prednisone or a anti-iche spray.

Just watch out for infections. If the tail has any open skin and is red then go to the vet because the dog probably needs some anti-biotics. You could possibly try one of those cone shaped collars or the bitter apple spray to stop him from chewing as well.

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