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jumping up doors

by Mariska
(Buenos Aires)

Hi Tom,

I have your JRT Training guide and tried to problem-shoot some negative behaviour in my JRT. This works out very well, but there is one thing I can not seem to solve. When my husband comes home or when the door bell rings, my dogs runs to the door and jumps up like crazy. You do not want to know how the door looks like!!!! How can I quiet him down.. at least prevent him from jumping up to doors.


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Feb 25, 2011
by: Jen

You have to "claim" the door or whatever it is hes jumping up on. Dogs are programmed quite easily and Jacks are "smarter than the average bear". Stand in front of whatever hes jumping up on with arms crossed and stare at him. If hes not listening it takes only a light pop with your fingertips to his chest to snap him out of his obsessed mode. Once hes out of it tell him to sit and down. Only then should you give him attention, food, love, affection, or outside or open a door. He will soon realize that in order for him to get his desired effect he has to do something first...which is behave the way he is expected to behave. Consistancy is key with a JRT!

Jan 10, 2011
Stopping jumping up
by: Tom

Hi Mariska,

Great question. Jumping up is a common issue with Jacks but it can be dealt with. The way to deal with spontaneous behaviors like this is to create a "trial scenario" where you can run through the way the dog SHOULD act. Obviously, you can't really set up a scenario and then just wait for the door bell to ring. So set aside some time to run through the scenario.

You want to keep the dog under control initially, either by holding him or with the leash (preferably both). Simply hold the dog in place and have your husband ring the doorbell. Feed the dog some treats as your husband enters, while petting and telling him what a good boy he is (the dog that is - not your husband!)

Have your husband stand just inside the door. Don't allow the dog to move until he has calmed down. Once he has calmed down enough, your husband can greet him. Remember to reward him and keep up the verbal praise.

Rule number one for this is that any time someone enters the house they must NOT give the dog attention while the dog is jumping. Greetings and pats can only be given when the dog has all four feet firmly on the ground. This alone will help over time.

Use this in addition to the "Off" command detailed in the book and the troubleshooting tips there and you should do fine. :)

Best wishes,


Jan 10, 2011
overexcited jumping
by: Anonymous

They do grow out of it, but it takes time. My JRT, Ralph, used to chase us down the hall every time the phone rang nipping at our heels and backside. Now he just makes a mournful howling noise if the phone rings - but only if I am in the shower and can't hear it. They are so tuned into your routine and life that it is easy for them to predict what will happen next and get excitied about it - like your husband arriving home. They just adore their "people" so much and if you began the process by saying something like "daddy's home" in an excited voice when your dog was little it will now generate its own welcome. My suggestion - put something over the door to protect it and encourage the dog by shushing and stroking it at the door to calm its response.

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