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June Beck - New owner of a Jack Russell /Dachsund mix

by June Beck
(Tempe, AZ - Maricopa)

Four days ago we adopted a year old Jack Russell/Dachshund mix , "Max" from a rescue shelter here in Phoenix. He is very gentle but just yesterday he started these barking binges where for no utter reason he barks at everything.... chairs, tables, dark corners - anything - and everything. I finally put him up on my bed and he's quieting down now but when this happens at 2:00 am it can be very difficult.

I also adopted a 3 year old female Eskie mix, "Molly" the day after his adoption and they get along famously and love each other. They even sleep together. Max digger and and he finds small objects and either hides them or buries them outside. He's a cutie and everyone loves him but I don't know how to begin to train him. Who knows what he went through before he got to the shelter.

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