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kay williams

by kay williams

hi my jack russel bitch called daisy may bites her back or sides sometimes really bad like as if a rabbit was skined took her to the vets and they said there was no evidence of mange or anything like that

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Feb 20, 2012
Jack chewing
by: Anonymous

I know you have been to the vet and she doesn't have mange. Do you think she might have some skin allergies? It could be a 'Hot Spot'. A 'Hot Spot' is a superficial bacterial skin infection resulting from an overgrowth of normal skin bacteria. It occurs when something irritates your dog's skin-fleas, allergies, insect bites, mites- causing him to bite, scratch, or rub the area, thereby, damaging it. The affected area becomes moist, reddend, irritated, itchy, and often painful. 'Hot Spots' most communly occour during hot, humid weather. Try using a sterile cleanser and antibiotic ointment on the affected area once. Do it again every day until it is completly gone (about 2-3 weeks). Talk to a vet and get his/her opinion. You can also see about administering benedryl to relieve the itchiness. Also getting one of those victorian style cone collars can prevent your Jack from chewing while the skin heals. Because your Jack has now gotten into the habit of chewing you need to help her find alternative ways to relieve this - make sure you have chewing toys on hand, like a Kong. When you see your Jack chewing, redirect her to the chew toy.

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