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my fiance has a jack russell, he is 8yo and has been treated great and loved, the last few months his behaviour has changed a bit, out of blue gets snappy not playfully either, 1 time was asleep end bed and went up to her and tried to rly att her face she had to hold him back with both hands and still tried att like wanted kill, she was so vry scared, i know it a trait for dog to guard toys but has also gone off different then last 8 years, now even goes off at any1 near food if has in bowl, i know this breed has agressive side, but after 8 years sudden change cant just b personality as not been trumatized and treated same as always has been,
if anyone can give some ideas as to possible problem it b very helpfull

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Mar 03, 2013
Jack suddenly aggressive
by: Michelle

Many times when dogs suddenly become aggressive it means that they are in some kind of pain or ill. It could be some kind of hip dysplagia or major hearing loss or anything really that causes them to get snappy.

Or sometimes it could be brought on by a lot of changes where the dog doesn't know their role anymore and is scared. Did you recently move in with your fiance?

I think it's more on the lines of a possible illness though, so definitely take him to the vet to make sure everything is ok.

Hope everything is ok and let us know how things go!

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