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by rainy

my dog keeps walking on three legs but not in pain

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Apr 16, 2014
Luxating patella
by: Anonymous

Go to the vet as it may be his patella (kneecap). Very common in small dogs and requires surgery to correct
Could also be a cruciate ligament rupture

Feb 09, 2014
Jack Russell limping
by: Randy

Usually a dog limps because something is going on with his range of motion. Check the paw that is raised to make sure there are no splinters are cracks or anything visible to the eye both on or between the paw and including the nails. Be very gentle and careful, if your dog is in any kind of pain he many react by trying to bite you. I would then try to keep your Jack off of his feet for a few days to see if that improves anything. If it doesn't I would take him into the vet because it could be a fracture or bone issue. Usually the vet will prescribe anti inflammatory meds and some rest to see if that will help and after that may request an xray. Good luck!

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