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I have an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, in great health, well behaved and a sweetheart of a dog. My question is, why dose she want to lick things all the time? floor boards, carpet, blankets, my leg. I don't use chemicals in our home, so the base boards are only painted and have been done so years ago. Her diet and exercise is great, as is her weight. It's kinda making me nuts. Any ideas?
Thank you.

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Jan 22, 2012
by: Michelle

Is this a new behavior or has this just started. If this have been going on for months/years it could be more of a compulsive behavior or a behavior to seek attention (be it positive or negative). If it's new, it could be medically related - many dogs lick due to nausea or other reasons like vitamin dificiencies.
Some people set up video cameras and leave the room to see if they can catch their Jack in the act. If a Jack doesn't lick when the owner is not present, then it could definitely be an attention seeking behavior. I would definitely try to collect more information about when, how long, where, etc the licking occurs and then talk to your vet to definitely rule out medical issues before you look into anything else. Licking objects can turn into accidentally swallowing material that can cause intestinal problems.

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