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by Lisa

A lost Jack Russell showed up at our home and you can pet her and she's fine other times she will scream like your hurting her and she tries to bite you. Also, you can not touch her ears she will scream and try to bite. The vet said her ears are fine. I don't know if she encountered someone that was mean to her when she was searching for a home. She is a very smart dog and you can tell someone spent a lot of time with her and she's house broken. Maybe you can give me some reason why she acts like this.
Thank you,

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Oct 25, 2013
Jack Russell trouble with petting
by: Jenny

There could be a few reasons. Usually dogs will bit or scream when pet if they are in some kind of pain. If the vet did a complete test like bloodwork, etc (not just of the ears) and found nothing wrong then I'm wondering if it could be something stemming from abuse. Since this Jack was lost it's hard to know what kind of experiences she had in the past. If you are planning on adopting her it may be good to bring in a pet behaviorist into your home to help with some techniques to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

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