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Little Dorritt

by Matilda
(Bristol UK)

Hi, my JRT puppy has scratching sessions for seemingly no reason. She is free of fleas and has a clean coat/skin, it isn't bad enough to create bald patches from over scratching and it hasn't seemed to make her miserable, or change her buoyant personality at all. It may be it worries me more than her, but I find it irritating and wish I could find some way to stop her having this problem. Can you please help?

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Feb 04, 2012
by: Gina

I would talk to your vet to see about running some allergy tests. The vet will run some skin and blood tests to see if there is a cause. You can also do an elimination diet (which takes some time and work) to see if your Jack is allergic to something in her diet.
In the meantime you can buy a medicated bath to help relieve some of the itching. You can also give her some type of oil - like fish oil - on her food which many people say have helped. Washing your dog's bed weekly may help if your Jack happens to be allergic to dust. Also, at night you can give your dog a little bit of benedryl (check with your vet first!) to help with the itching.

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