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Liz Battle

by Liz Battle

I have an 11 month old Jack Russell, when at home with me he is calm and generally well behaved, he has his mad moments, however when I take him to my daughters house he gets over excited, she has a dog the same age and they love to ruck and play, however my daughter gets stressed when the do this because her dog has a hip problem. There are also two young children in the house who won't leave my dog alone. Yesterday my daughter brought a new pup into the house, my dog went berserk, totally not what he does at home. Any idea what's going on.

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Apr 11, 2015
by: Eric

Your Jack sounds like a cutie. Keep in mind that he is still technically a puppy so he has lots of energy. It sounds like your Jack may need to be socialized a little more so that he doesn't go crazy when seeing other dogs. Have you tried taking an obedience class with him? that would be a great way to bond with him and socialize him in a structured environment.

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