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by Liz
(2225 nsw )

My 2 yr old foxy jack Russell cross has recently Started peeing in the house at night. Up unti this he was house trained. I have a 22 month old baby and 13 yr old boy and he doesn't seem to have problem with them. I thought that maybe we might have rats o er the winter period and he was marking his patch! We have laid rat bait, but it continued. He sleeps in our bed and is fine if our door shut and he can't get out. But if the door is open he will on the leg of the dining room table. The same place each time. Please help, we love hike dearly but with a busy family this is starting to get on top of me!! Thank you.

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Oct 24, 2013
Jack Russell peeing in the house
by: Jenn

It sounds like things have gotten very busy in your house with the new baby in the house and a teen! Is your Jack getting enough attention and enough exercise? Maybe the 13 year old could be in charge of doing some long walks.
In terms of the peeing....are you using an enzyme based cleaner to clean the spot? Regular cleaners do not get out the scent (for humans it does but not for dogs). You can get an enzyme based cleaner at a pet store or on Amazon. Also, you can try restricting your Jack to just a few areas of the house, especially at night. Is there a way to keep him out of the area where he likes to pee?

Hope this helps!

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