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by Liz
(nottingham. uk)

My beautiful 15 year old girl, Lilly, has injured her cruciate ligament and is struggling on 3 legs. The vet says that it should resolve with rest and pain relief, but she won't settle, is wandering around the house after the other 2 dogs and trying to do all of the things like jumping on the sofa and going up and down stairs that she shouldn't be doing. She has been amazing up until this injury, no health problems of any description. Could anyone offer any advice?

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Jan 04, 2015
by: Jane

Poor Lilly, sounds like she wants to keep up with the others despite her pain/limitations. Can you sequester her to one room for the time being so that she isn't tempted to follow the others. You can also get baby gates to block the stairs and some places sell a small set of stairs so that dogs who have trouble with their legs can climb up onto a sofa instead of jumping. Those things should help her. Keep her busy while she is being sequestered by giving her a kong that is filled with peanut butter and biscuits (freeze it so it takes her longer to get through). Hope everything heals well!

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