by Lorraine

My 12 year old female Jack wont stop eating, she is carrying a large amount of weight and has now even started eating the kittens poo, she has no other focus (except the ball)and slinks around stealing food. We had another Jack a long time ago who did the same thing.

Is this normal?

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Jan 26, 2014
Jack over eating
by: Susan

Any change in a Jack's behavior that is "out of the norm" for them is a reason to take them to the vet.

For older Dogs, Cushing's Disease can be very common - it causes increases appetite, thirst, muscle weakness and a protruding of the abdomen. Or it could be a thyroid issue. The vet would need to do bloodwork and a urine sample to see.

In the meantime, consider (slowly) switching to a senior dog food so that your Jack gets enough protein.

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