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Lumps On Edges of Ears

by Damon
(northern ireland)

My 4yrs old jack "Bruno" has strange hard lumps on the edges of his ears which can't be removed by washing!! I have removed one of them with skin & hair!! Bruno was recently @ his vet & was treated for all the usual things like worms/ticks/etc.......I am worried as I have only noticed these lumps in the last few days & fear they could be there awhile!!

His ears (inside) are totally clean with no foreign bodies or smells!! & Bruno has no other lumps anywhere else on his body!!

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Feb 18, 2014
Lump of edges of ears
by: Joel

What you describe sounds a bit like what my Jack Russell had which is ear tip vasculitis. This can be seen in small breed dogs. I took my Jack to the vet and was given some medication and the lumps went away. I'd be curious to know what your Jack's diagnosis is.

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