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Luna became aggressive out of the blue

by Christie
(South Africa)


My 7 month old Jack Russell, Luna, became aggressive out of the blue.

We have 3 dogs. Athena a dalmatian, she is the dominant one, because she was our first, Luna and then Amie the latest addition, she's 7 weeks now and she is also a Jack Russell, Amie came from the 2nd litter of our friends Jack's and Luna the 1st.

The dogs get along. They love playing together and teaching Amie how to discover our garden. We feed them in different rooms to prevent fighting and we try to give each of them equal attention.

Luna doesn't like it if the other too step on her while she is sleeping, which is understandable and I didn't think much of it when she growled at them.

But last night when Amie tried to lay down next to her at her bqck while I was holding them on the bed like so many times before, Luna deliberately growled and went in to bite Amie. We removed Amie and she went to sleep in my partners arms. Luna calmed down and fell right back to sleep. I tried to move her, because I was uncomfortable (also I've done this plenty of times) she growled at me, everytime I tried to move her she'll growl in a nasty way.

I'm worried she's never done this before. She went back to playing etc, this morning with Amie and Athena.

But again when we had to leave for work and my partner tried to pick her up off the bed and take outside because she was being stubborn, she growled at her.

I'm gonna check what she is going to do tonight.

Please help.

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Dec 28, 2014
Jack became aggressive out of the blue
by: Sheri

When dogs become aggressive out of the blue it can be because of medical issues. Because Luna is growling when she is being touched, I'm wondering if she was hurt in some way - like a sprain or back issues. I would definitely take her in to the vet to get her checked out!

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